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Suckiest code competition

The winner for 2003 is...


Not a single struct in the whole code..functions with 30 parameters..their own hacked up pathetic translation system..the little gem of doing a system on 'sort' is just marvellous

  • if(strlen(DataFile) > 0) data_file(tmp2,debug,periodo,debugz,iprel,outdir,addr,site,us,userip, email,wtemp2,BgColor,TxColor, TxBgColor,TiColor,LogoImage,LogoText, LogoTextColor,Width,Height,Title,BgImage,FontFace,HeaderColor, HeaderBgColor,FontSize,TempDir,Ip2Name,TopuserSortField,UserSortField, TopuserSortOrder,UserSortOrder,uagent,DateFormat,indexonly, PerUserLimitFile,PerUserLimit);

  • void gen_denied_report(const char dirname, int debug, const char outdir, char BgColor, char TxColor, char TxBgColor, char TiColor, char LogoImage, char LogoText, char LogoTextColor, char Width, char Height, char Title, char BgImage, char FontFace, char HeaderColor, char HeaderBgColor, char FontSize, char TempDir, char *DateFormat)

  • if(strstr(ReportType,"denied") != 0) { sprintf(csort,"sort -T %s -k 3,3 -k 5,5 -o %s %s", tmp, tmp5, tmp4); system(csort); unlink(tmp4); }

  • if(strlen(email) > 0) { sprintf(wtemp2,"mkdir -p %s/sarg_tmp",tmp2); system(wtemp2); strcat(tmp2,"/sarg_tmp"); strcpy(outdir,tmp2); strcat(outdir,"/"); }

the only thing that really pisses is me off is that this crap made it into distros..

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Penno, Cirocco, Sornione. Juergen. Steinach. Derby. Drunk. An unconfirmed rumour has it, that I woke everyone up when I came back.. Denying is my motto.

Also finished the python bindings for libiriver, now I'm playing with a small pygtk app to actually use them. I'm quite impressed at the simpliity Python offers. It Makes me wanting to rewrite everything with it.


Finally took some time with python. Tried to understand how to bridge it to C code. Successfully wrapped up a couple of test methods and also a C defined object. Quite spiffy. Need to shake out a few details though.

Finally managed to remove my custom mutt keybinding to kill off SPAM and used spamassassin and sa-learn instead:

macro index X "unset wait_keynsa-learn --single --spamnset wait_keyn" "spam & delete"

macro pager X "unset wait_keynsa-learn --single --spamnset wait_keyn" "spam & delete"

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Finally installed x2vnc, so I can just go:

x2vnc -shared -west

And I can nicely drive my Windows testbox with my Powerbook.


So I finally managed to give a quick spin to Fedora Core 1 on one of my home file servers. Well haven't played really much with it, but cups is rather b0rked it seems, showing off the same driver about 8 times in the web selection. Raphael also isn't too happy with it...mmh we'll see I guess

Went to see Zatoichi by Kitano. Quite nice and enjoyable. Katanas and blood, there really isn't that much else in life I assume.

Right now, just kicking back reading some .pdf's and enjoying Travis Meek's voice in the background. I'm still left with the question if I prefer the first or the second album 'Days of the New' ever did..but I digress..

_Sie sassen und tranken am Teetisch, Und sprachen von Liebe viel. Die Herren waren aesthetisch, Die Damen vom zarten Gefuehl. _

bring yourself.

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Hier kommt die Motivationsspritze fuers naechste Jahr.Hast Du gewusst, dass naechstes Jahr ein Schaltjahr ist?Also 1 Tag mehr arbeiten.

Hast du gewusst, dass naechstes Jahr der 25. April ein Sonntag ist?

Also noch 1 Tag mehr arbeiten

Hast Du gewusst, dass naechstes Jahr der 1.Mai an einem Samstag ist?

Also wieder 1 Tag mehr arbeiten.

Hast du gewusst, dass naechstes Jahr der 15. August auf einen Sonntag faellt?

Und schon wieder 1 Tag mehr arbeiten

Hast Du gewusst, dass naechstes Jahr der 25./26.Dez. an einem Samstag/Sonntag ist?

Also 2 Tage mehr arbeiten.


Boring, slow sunday. Committed my SILC_GET_AUTH patch to silky. Need to double-check the new i18n changes that got committed as well as an it.po.

The Beach Boys concert was actually fun, given the utterly low expectations we all had. Not worth the price we paid for, but still.

As a side note, my stomach pain is back at full swing..and I so much know what it is..