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New K. Caputo album is out. Time to go to the music shop

on the brink of madness..laugh is love


So tomorrow it'll be Amorphis time..kicking back on the bed looking at the ceiling is just the way to go these days..Veil of Sin in the background.. things do get smooth in the right context after all..if only..

Also bought the Beach Boys tickets for Saturday. I'm not really holding my breath though..smells like the average old-rock-star rip-off thing.

I'll leave it now. Found Jeff Buckley's book list quite intriguing.

XMMS Randomness

Here you find a lovely patch to suck out the entropy of your kernel, but to get some decent random selection in xmms. Rather pleasing..if it weren't that I use Rhythmbox these days anyway


Come direbbe il buon J. Hendrix, ero sveglio quando ancora tutti i Jack erano nei propri boxes. Trovato il biglietto per gli amorphis. Ole'

RFC 2821

RFC2821, section 4.1.2: Command Argument Syntax:

(near the end)

To promote interoperability and consistent with long-standing

guidance about conservative use of the DNS in naming and applications

(e.g., see section 2.3.1 of the base DNS document, RFC1035 [22]),

characters outside the set of alphas, digits, and hyphen MUST NOT

appear in domain name labels for SMTP clients or servers. In

particular, the underscore character is not permitted. SMTP servers

that receive a command in which invalid character codes have been

employed, and for which there are no other reasons for rejection,

MUST reject that command with a 501 response.