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Home redesign

So, chasing the latest trendiness on the web. I moved my homepage to a CSS one. I'm still not sure about a couple of quirks with CSS, but I think most of it should be ok now.


Now the next dickhead that comes to me and claims that software patents are an incentive to innovation will be shot down with no mercy. No mercy. mercy..

Long weekend

Nice and relaxing. Hacked progress support into libiriver. Fixed most annoying bugs in giriver. Upgraded all my home machines to a fixed do_brk() kernel. Reading good books. And tonight it's theater time. woohoo

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released new libiriver. I plan just one more release before I'm able to use for the little pygtk app i'm working on. It mostly looks okay now. It surely lacks some consistency in the API. I might change it before releasing the next. we'll see.

Still totally behind on all the other projects though


Released libiriver 0.0.5

This release just adds a couple of cleanups, and initial python bindings. Driving your iriver has never been easier:

import iriver, sys
i = iriver.Iriver()
except iriver.error, e:
print e
print "Capacity %s" % (i.capacity)

Now I'm on the verge of rewriting giriver with pygtk and make a dedicated UI for it, instead of relying just on gnome-vfs. An initial screenshot is here