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So I finally managed to give a quick spin to Fedora Core 1 on one of my home file servers. Well haven't played really much with it, but cups is rather b0rked it seems, showing off the same driver about 8 times in the web selection. Raphael also isn't too happy with it...mmh we'll see I guess

Went to see Zatoichi by Kitano. Quite nice and enjoyable. Katanas and blood, there really isn't that much else in life I assume.

Right now, just kicking back reading some .pdf's and enjoying Travis Meek's voice in the background. I'm still left with the question if I prefer the first or the second album 'Days of the New' ever did..but I digress..

_Sie sassen und tranken am Teetisch, Und sprachen von Liebe viel. Die Herren waren aesthetisch, Die Damen vom zarten Gefuehl. _

bring yourself.


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