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Suckiest code competition

The winner for 2003 is...


Not a single struct in the whole code..functions with 30 parameters..their own hacked up pathetic translation system..the little gem of doing a system on 'sort' is just marvellous

  • if(strlen(DataFile) > 0) data_file(tmp2,debug,periodo,debugz,iprel,outdir,addr,site,us,userip, email,wtemp2,BgColor,TxColor, TxBgColor,TiColor,LogoImage,LogoText, LogoTextColor,Width,Height,Title,BgImage,FontFace,HeaderColor, HeaderBgColor,FontSize,TempDir,Ip2Name,TopuserSortField,UserSortField, TopuserSortOrder,UserSortOrder,uagent,DateFormat,indexonly, PerUserLimitFile,PerUserLimit);

  • void gen_denied_report(const char dirname, int debug, const char outdir, char BgColor, char TxColor, char TxBgColor, char TiColor, char LogoImage, char LogoText, char LogoTextColor, char Width, char Height, char Title, char BgImage, char FontFace, char HeaderColor, char HeaderBgColor, char FontSize, char TempDir, char *DateFormat)

  • if(strstr(ReportType,"denied") != 0) { sprintf(csort,"sort -T %s -k 3,3 -k 5,5 -o %s %s", tmp, tmp5, tmp4); system(csort); unlink(tmp4); }

  • if(strlen(email) > 0) { sprintf(wtemp2,"mkdir -p %s/sarg_tmp",tmp2); system(wtemp2); strcat(tmp2,"/sarg_tmp"); strcpy(outdir,tmp2); strcat(outdir,"/"); }

the only thing that really pisses is me off is that this crap made it into distros..