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Samba VFS Module

I'm writing a small demonstrative VFS module for Samba 3.0.x, and the most fun part about it is that I'm able to crash 100% reproducable a Windows 2000 machine as soon as it accesses the share which uses this module.. Brilliant M$ stuff as usual

Angra - Fireworks

Random stuff

Back from surfing in the Basque totally are up. Right afterwards spent a week on Lago Maggiore and left for Vienna the week-end after.

Finally managed to get around a few tasks I kept postponing for way too long. Released libiriver-0.0.11 with some fixes from Jun Yamashiro. Updated Pykota's italian translation (albeit with very little time to review the translations, but at least it's complete now)

Bought or received a bunch of cd's lately: Joni Mitchell - Blue, Blind Melon, Nick Drake - Pink Moon, Ramones - Best of Chrysalis Years, Tiamat - Judas Christ, Afterhours - Siam tre piccoli porcellin, Afterhours - Germi, Afterhours - Quello che non c'è

Also bought Hemingway - Fiesta in english. I've read it in italian ages ago and felt like re-reading the original

iFP 7xxx and 8xxx

The new iriver series are now supported, thanks to a patch from Joseph Roback. libiriver-0.0.9 released for this purpose.

On a side note I wasted almost an hour fixing some stupid encoding assumptions I had made


Started reading anothe Palahniuk work. This time it's Choke. For now it's brilliant as usual..Also started Chomsky's 9/11

Been working on another Samba article. This time looking at the inner workings of the Samba VFS Plugin system. The few vfs examples I was thinking of, are turning out to be too complex to show off the basic functionality.

Death - Bite the pain

Chuck Palahniuk

After finishing Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk I have to wonder why they chose Fight Club to make the movie. Amazing book all in all.

Crown of Thorns - Mother Love Bone

On alsa and autotools

Finally moved to 2.6 on three out of five machines at home. Managed to install alsa on my workstation, and finally got my es1371 card to use the 4+1 speakers.

Also spent quite some time this weekend on autotoolizing pyKota. It had been some time since I played with auto* stuff. There are way too many quirks you normally forget, like when gettext > 0.11 you have to make sure 'po/Makevars' is in place (you can use Makevars.template for that') otherways it won't be able to find the top_builddir.


Went to see some rare material about Charles Bukowski. The film of the only reading in Europe plus some footage in L.A. Fernanda Pivano and Carl Weissner told different stories about Hank and some rather funny episodes. Quite enjoeyd myself.

Glad to be back