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Sco and Nmap

o_ SCO Corporation of Lindon, Utah (formerly Caldera) has lately taken to an extortion campaign of demanding license fees from Linux users for code that they themselves knowingly distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. They have also refused to accept the GPL, claiming that some preposterous theory of theirs makes it invalid (and even unconstitutional)! Meanwhile they have distributed GPL-licensed Nmap in (at least) their "Supplemental Open Source CD". In response to these blatant violations, and in accordance with section 4 of the GPL, we terminated SCO's rights to redistribute any versions of Nmap in any of their products, including (without limitation) OpenLinux, Skunkware, OpenServer, and UNIXWare. We have also stopped supporting the OpenServer and UNIXWare platforms._

Way to go Nmap

Subversion went gold

Subversion went 1.0! It's a great thing since it will actually push quite a few people to use it and enjoy it's advantages over CVS. I personally have been using it quite successfully for sometime and I'm not looking back

First session over

Took the day off just fooling around, listening to cd's and redoing my homepage. Took the basis all from a list apart and then tweaked it around to my liking. Also managed to clean up all the cruft I had managed to leave around the webpage.Estra - Signor Jones

bits and pieces

definitely feel sick, which isn't good, especially this close to the exam..blah

waded through some of the most important mails, installed apt on Fedora Core 2 / Test 1. I just totally can't stand yum. It's painfully slow for about any operation.. I understand it might be more maintainable than apt since it's written in Python..but's unbearably slow.

tea time

"A lot of young people try to impress the world and buy too many things", the doorman sayd. I called Tyler

Subversion woes

Playing with subversion..

two people..7 commits later..

foo:/home/svn/bar# svnadmin list-dblogs .

svn: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery

Fixed by a 'svn recover' though

IE Sucks

So Internet Explorer just ignores any FTP proxy settings unless you go to "Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Enable folder view for FTP sites" and disable it.

Went to the Japanese Nu restaurant in via Feltre last night. Quite good food. Albeit a tad bit expensive.

Catch up

Long time no update.. Went Snowboarding for the weekend.. Had dinner with the friends at Endian Went to see the Parsons Seen the third episode of the Lord of the Rings Wrote two articles Passed an exam

off to sleep

finished reading some with interest the unauthorized xfree86-4.3.0 upload, watched a few bugs disappear with new uploads and finally noticed the new apache2 upload which depends on db4.2. A newer version of subversion will hit the archives soon. yay.