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Random stuff

Back from surfing in the Basque totally are up. Right afterwards spent a week on Lago Maggiore and left for Vienna the week-end after.

Finally managed to get around a few tasks I kept postponing for way too long. Released libiriver-0.0.11 with some fixes from Jun Yamashiro. Updated Pykota's italian translation (albeit with very little time to review the translations, but at least it's complete now)

Bought or received a bunch of cd's lately: Joni Mitchell - Blue, Blind Melon, Nick Drake - Pink Moon, Ramones - Best of Chrysalis Years, Tiamat - Judas Christ, Afterhours - Siam tre piccoli porcellin, Afterhours - Germi, Afterhours - Quello che non c'è

Also bought Hemingway - Fiesta in english. I've read it in italian ages ago and felt like re-reading the original


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