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Terminal Calendaring Application

As an avid mutt-kz user, I always found it quite annoying to have to use a web browser or my phone to check out my work calendar or upcoming birthdays. I have slowly started to use khal which is shaping up to be a very nice calendaring application for use within terminals:


For Fedora users I have created a COPR repo. As root, simply run:

dnf copr enable mbaldessari/khal

and then launch:

dnf install khal

This will install the following packages: python-atomicwrites, vdirsyncer and khal Once installed, we need to tell vdirsyncer where to fetch the caldav entries from. My ~/.vdirsyncer/config is as follows and contains my birthday list from Facebook and my work calendar:

At this point you can run vdirsyncer sync and the entries will be fetched and stored locally. Note that if you get SSL validation errors you most likely need to import your company Root CA:

# cp MY-CA-root-cert.pem /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/
# update-ca-trust extract

Once vdirsyncer has completed fetching all the entries, it is time to display them in khal or in its interactive cousin ikhal. Here is my ~/.config/khal/khal.conf file:

That's it. There is still some work todo before I can ditch other calendaring applications completely. Namely:

Let me know if you have any issues with the copr repo.


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