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Latest Happenings

So we actually did complete the move to our new apartment...I still look puzzled at how much stuff we were able to squeeze into our old 40 square meter apartment in Milan..all this stuff does not seem to fit in the new place which is twice as big. There are still a lot of things to finish (like my computer table), but for the rest we settled in quite all right.

During the couple of weeks I was disconnected from the net at home, I read "The Great Gatsby" by Fitzgerald, which I enjoyed a lot. I sure wish I had a "wortschatz" like his ;) Before Fitzgerald I finally finished "The Flat World" by T. Friedman, which was very interesting for certain parts, but overall it gave me the impression of focusing way to much how good and how inevitable and how we will all profit if we're competitive enough in this globalization. Mentions to the negative aspects of it are miniscule and quite frankly the idea of companies doing only good things in countries were labor is cheap..well I find that slightly naive, mind you.

Given that I picked up reading again lately, I got my self a "Bookeen Cybook Gen3" e-reader. I find it very useful for reading technical books or pfd's. In the end I drooled a long time over the Iliad, but given the exorbitant price, I settled for a device which does one thing and it does it well.

So, now I'll try to reduce the backlog of my e-mails. If I didn't get back you please drop me a line, I most probably forgot and lost your mail in the queue.

ps. In an act of idiocy I managed to destroy my phone (+ SIM), so I also don't have many phone numbers ATM ;)


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