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Changed my SILC key pair. The new fingerprint is:

C179 6F1F DB9F B002 B7C1  AA4E B381 ACA3 36CF BA60

Also released an initial version of python bindings for the SILC toolkit. Here it is ;)

Openldap 2.0 -> 2.2 migration

Started looking at the much dreaded (Debian Sarge related) migration from openldap 2.0 -> 2.2. The new version of openldap is stricter in what is allowed in an ldap tree and what is not, so you need to make sure you have a structural objectclass for every entry etc. etc. Knocked up a few scripts that "fixed" the ldap tree to be more 2.2-conforming, upgraded the server and everything was fine. The only last thing to test out was the replication from a 2.2 master to multiple (around fourty and dislocated all over the country) 2.0 slave servers. It works quite fine so far (tested on entry additions/removals, attributes additions, changes, removals and on modrdn operations).You have to tell the master server to not replicate the newly introduced attributes (structuralObjectClass,entryUUID,entryCSN). So the replica line looks like this:

replica bindmethod=simple
binddn=cn=replicator,dc=example,dc=org credentials=foor

Smashing Pumpkins - Drown

Nevermore - Milan

Went to see Nevermore tonight, since Sol had never been to a Heavy Metal concert. I quite liked it, and she did too (well somewhat at least). I'm not that much into heavy stuff any longer, but it was quite a fun concert all in all. Their cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "Sound of silence" is just brilliant IMO.


Rather eventful weekend this time around:

  • Set a new record: Milano - Vipiteno (House-to-house) in 2h45m

  • Fixed my dad's PC which had a broken PSU

  • Took a hike and went for a walk up in the mountains

  • Found an all-you-can-eat Sushi place in Innsbruck

  • Released a new groupvte (I actually use this thing now)

  • Fixed openswan 2.4.0 (properly this time) to be compiled with 2.4.x kernels

  • Compiled a ppc64 kernel using cross-tool

One more week

Managed to finish the most annoying project I was ever involved in.. Just pain and dealing with lack of communication skills throughout the whole thing, but it's over and I'm glad Did a couple of fixes for vte and finally nailed a crasher in the pango vtedraw backend #126262.

The Shins - Kissing the Lipless


Almost there, two more weeks of work and then I'll be on vacation for three weeks. Probably won't go or do much, but still it'll be quite nice. Hacked a bit on gnome-terminal and vte during evenings and nailed a couple of bugs here and there. Finally managed to reimplement S/Key support and also trivially added otp support as well. So now (after applying #305216 and #310529, you'll be able to press Ctrl- and you'll get to type in your S/Key passphrase and authenticate.

Went to the doctor and it'll be 28 days of pills and no alcohol for me. ouch.

65 days of static - Retreat!Retreat! Okkervil River - For Real

Trie Data Structures

Looking for some papers about trie data structures.. and google asks me if I maybe didn't look for "troie" (which means whores in italian..)

Dreden Dolls - Anachronistic Girls

B0rked Passport

So I had to urgently renew my passport, given Josè's death.. Went to the passport office and they brilliantly managed to renew it until the 21th April 2003. Brilliant..just fucking brilliant..