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Blog clean up

Finally managed to clean up a couple of things. Added an RSS 2.0 feed, lots of cruft I had left over from different installs was removed, added permalinks and categories (which I'll probably never use anyway..but still..)

Fabrizio de Andrè - Il testamento di tito

More music..

Taken things a bit easier this week end, given the crap week. Got myself some new cd's over the last three weeks:

  • Queens of The Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralize

  • Afterhours - Ballate per piccole iene

  • Mille papaveri rossi - Tributo a De Andre'

  • A perfect Circle - Mer De Noms

  • Faber - Amico Fragile

Also got myself an external 200GB Hard Drive to get some stuff off my laptop.

QOTSA - Lullaby


Added support for multiple views. Now you can switch from Notebook view to a Table view Here's the mandatory (small) screenshot:


Had a long chat with long old-time friend of mine. All seems well, Greame is in Florida rocking as usual..

I believe our conversation could be nicely summed up with the following: (23:07:45) Graeme: same pretty slut face, i see


Bug #169326

Filed bug nr 169326 on vte on gnome's bugzilla. I'll have to dig into vte sources now that I can reproduce it fully with a simple testcase.