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Back from Hamburg

Went to visit Sandro and Malena. Met up with Antonio and went to see his exposition. Bought a few cd's: Bad Religion - Recipe for Hate, Pixies - Surfer Rosa, Sonic Youth - Goo, Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf and The Connels - The Ring. back to work...

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Released libiriver-0.0.7 and giriver-0.4.0. Added progress callbacks support for both C and Python. There's a nice progress bar now while uploading or downloading lots of files on the iRiver.

Went to see Beppe Grillo the other night. Quite amusing and interesting at the same time.

Now time to work..


After watching Bugo's concert (photos are up), on the next day, I headed off to see "Il sergente nella neve" by Paolini at the Strehler Theatre. The theater was packed, it was a two-hour long one-man piece and it was simply amazing.

On the other hand, I just stumbled upon the news that Chuck Palahniuk will be publishing his new book "Haunted" in May, 2005. It should be a collection of short stories that build up another one. Can't wait ;)

Lately also bought Pearl Jam's Live acoustic concert, Alice In Chains - Dirt, Mark Lanegan - Bubblegum, Mark Lanegan - Field Songs, Mark Lanegan - I'll take care of you, Lucio Dalla - Raccolta. And that's it.

Finished playing with a script in python which merges two or more documents into a single one. PyUno is just a breeze to use ;) -o merged.sxw *.sxw

I really can't wait for this bug to be fixed, so I don't have to self compile on my laptop, which is extremely painful, or download old binary ppc versions.

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Stardust Remedy

Folco Orselli - La Spina

Went to see the presentation of the new album by Folco Orselli called "La Spina". The event was organized by LifeGate radio, who now has opened their own music label. Folco has added a sax and a trumpet to his band and the results are nice. The album is coming out on the 19th of November. A must.

I also uploaded the pictures from this year's Toerggelen