Ricoh Aficio 2018D on Mac OSX

by Michele Baldessari

I was trying to help my brother configure the printer in his office (Ricoh Aficio 2018D) on his new Imac. Things looked pretty easy since Ricoh provides drivers for the Mac OSX platform also. So I went ahead and downloaded their drivers. Configured the printer via IPP (btw. printer is the IPP queue name, blank won’t work), but it would just print out raw Postscript stuff. So it turns out you need to buy an optional module to support Postscript, only PCL and RPCS are supported. Gutenprint for Mac OSX to the rescue: Installed their new gutenprint-5.0.0.dmg release, added a new printer with the IPP backend, chose the Generic driver, Gutenprint PCL6 and done.

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