Samba Vms Module

What is Samba Vms Module?

Samba Vms Module is a small Samba VFS plugin that allows you to keep a sort of revision control on your files on a Samba share. It was written by me and Simo Sorce for a two part article that appeared in the italian edition of Linux Magazine to demo Samba's VFS capabilities.

Usage and configuration
./configure --prefix= --with-samba-source=
make install

After installation just add the vfs object to a share in smb.conf:

path = /var/test
writeable = yes
vfs objects = vms
vms:maxcopies = 10

And whenever you close a file up to <maxcopies> will be kept around.
Note : This module has received very little testing and was just written for educational purposes and should not be used where you care about your data. You have been warned ;)


samba-vms-vfs-0.1.tar.gz - dbea1103226cf2e937f0e1770ad996fc

  • Initial Release