Samba Notify Module

What is it?

Samba Notify Module is a small Samba VFS plugin that notifies the user with a popup message whenever he tries to upload files with a certain MIME tyes to a share. For example, you might not want mp3 files on a public share so you could simply add:

   comment = Public share
   writable = yes
   path = /opt/public
   vfs object = notify
   # Mime types to notify on..
   notify:notify on = audio/mpeg;
   # Script to use to notify the user
   notify:script =  sh -c 'echo "Mp3 files are not allowed!" | \
     /usr/bin/smbclient -M %m -I %I'
   # Also deny creation of files with the abovementioned MIME type 
   # Note that if you use veto files = /*.mp3/ 
   # you'll never even reach the notify module
   notify:deny = yes

With this configuration, users won't be able to upload mp3 files to the Public share, and get a message whenever they try to do so.

Usage and configuration
./configure --prefix= --with-samba-source=
make install

After installation just add the vfs object to a share in smb.conf. See the above snippet, for an example.
Note :This module isn't really meant as a full fledged solution to disallow specific data files on your samba shares. It's fairly simple to work around it, by compressing a file or by applying other methods.


samba-notify-vfs-0.1.tar.gz - 8ab3628a7539d9e46b22ce9671358720

  • Initial Release