What is mozilla2ps?

mozilla2ps is a quick and gross hack to convert html to postscript pages in an unattended manner. I needed to convert a lot of html pages to postscript and wasn't really satisfied with html2ps, so I went ahead and toyed around with xulrunner and friends.
In order to use mozilla2ps you need Xul Runner.

Usage and configuration

Make sure you have Xulrunner correctly installed.

xulrunner --install-app mozilla2ps-0.8.xulapp /tmp
xulrunner /tmp/mozilla2ps/application.ini --pdf=true file:///tmp/foo.html /tmp/foo.pdf

xulrunner /tmp/mozilla2ps/application.ini /tmp/ \
  -margins 0.25 -papername Letter -bgcolors true -bgimages true

Obviously you can use a more definitive directory instead of /tmp. You can find a different install approach here. I use it with this script in order to convert .chm files to pdf using only free tools. Since version 0.4 the following parameters are supported:

  • -papername XXX
  • -bgcolors true or false
  • -bgimages true or false
  • -margins # (sets all margins)
  • -marginTop #
  • -marginBottom #
  • -marginLeft #
  • -marginRight #
  • -landscape true or false
  • -pdf true or false

mozilla2ps has at least the following bugs:

  • Remove the setTimeOut workaround
  • Needs to show a window (so to really do it the headless way, you'll need XvFb or something similar). This is really a xulrunner/gecko limit for now

  • Better documentation
  • Simpler install
  • Use cairo's capabilities on trunk to print directly on pdf and skip any printers


mozilla2ps-0.8.xulapp - 3d183b5147388ed11f99018946f0e9aa

13 Nov 2010:

  • Added documentation workaround about font spacing problem
  • Added xulrunner 1.9.1 support

mozilla2ps-0.7.xulapp - dcff9187f441c445e45b220c6f27c69b

30 Nov 2008:

  • Added native pdf support (-pdf option) - Thanks Eric Peers
  • Added xulrunner 1.9 support

mozilla2ps-0.6.xulapp - 8c4c3b62195f3823e75dd172bca4259a

4 May 2007:

  • Added orientation support (-landscape option)

mozilla2ps-0.5.xulapp - c498da7dd3d9b95760a81fd4645bbea2

9 Apr 2007:

  • Added fix to hide headers and footers from Mark Hunting
  • Fixed bgImages parameter (reported by Mark Hunting)

mozilla2ps-0.4.xulapp - 31353a0bcef0687beac9fe1bd262deaf

14 Dec 2006:

  • Paul Schilling added command line parameter support

mozilla2ps-0.3.xulapp - 0c06fcf46a072572959660ec70d9af7c

27 Jul 2006:

  • Get it to work on Windows (check the README for more info)

mozilla2ps-0.2.xulapp - 160d84db7661df30a55f88cdcc2ee469

19 Mar 2006:

  • Correctly wait for printing to finish..

mozilla2ps-0.1.xulapp - fbd1f96a676778ddc33cd6802f6b6157

19 Mar 2006:

  • First release