iriver Attention! Giriver is unmaintained, I don't own the hardware anymore. If you want to take up this small project, drop me a note

What is Giriver?

Giriver is a pygtk app to manage the series of mp3 players made by iRiver (Note that this program is useful only for non UMS firmwares). It used to be a gnome-vfs module, but starting with version 0.3.0 it is a standalone application. (The tarballs from previous versions are still available)

It is basically the ifp driver, just ported over to the Gnome 2 architecture.

What do I need to install it? To make it work you need a working Gnome2 setup. Any recent distro should do (or if you use Debian Woody, add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list : deb gnome2.2/

and install with apt-get install gnome-core . You will also need libusb, which will probably already be packaged for your distro.

Starting with version 0.3.0 of giriver you also need pygtk2 and at least libiriver-0.0.6. You can find the latter here


giriver-0.4.1.tar.gz - d8e2535139a27efcfc15850f15a789e1
(Drop me a line, if it isn't working for you since I can't test it myself)
23 May 2004 :

  • Made pixmaps and glade file paths defined at compile-time
giriver-0.4.0.tar.gz - 62c6ce780b4a53458739cba696165862
08 Dec 2003 :

  • Added support to recursively upload and download directories
  • Added visual feedback on progress of operations on the iRiver
  • Added format support
  • Added information
  • Added support to create directories

giriver-0.3.0.tar.gz - b70a034ae7893242352bba1e27970b0f
04 Dec 2003 :

  • Rewrote the whole thing. It is not a gnome-vfs module any longer it is a standalone app now.
  • Used the libiriver python bindings

giriver-0.2.0.tar.gz - 89e70f4015a56227ba4cd7a860324e80
09 Jun 2003 :

  • Rewrote everything to use libiriver
  • Most operations seem to work correctly inside nautilus now

giriver-0.1.3.tar.gz - 635f5ff250f3e3846c01cab2bd0c4b00
28 May 2003 :

  • Added support to do_move (only rename an empty directory into another one)
  • do_move still only works from CLI
  • Fixed make_directories and remove_directories
  • Fixed UTF8/Nautilus mentioned by abraar
  • Dragging from and to nautilus now works
  • Added a vfsmv test to play with do_move

giriver-0.1.2.tar.gz - f86c29a155a8b3bab1d8fb433f88cf87
27 May 2003 :

  • Added support to create directories (do_make_directory)
  • Added support to remove directories (do_remove_directory)
  • Fixed nautilus crash on first open
  • Dragging from and to nautilus still not working
  • Info on directories still to be fixed

giriver-0.1.1.tar.gz - ad2a39c12e65abee1d4190b1775ba853
23 May 2003 :

  • Added support for write
  • fixed unlink segfaults

Tests are still quite broken, but the rest works pretty much. There are still many corner cases that are not handled, but it all sort of works now.

giriver-0.1.0.tar.gz - 54bee88a390d725e7fc25e3ada8394d6
21 May 2003 - Implemented features :

  • open_directory
  • close_directory
  • read_directory
  • open, close
  • read
  • unlink


screenshot1 screenshot2


  • be sure that you have usbdevfs support either built into your kernel, or loaded as a module; additionally, be sure that usbdevfs is mounted in proc.
  • "no usb devices found" - no usbdevfs available; be sure, you have usb-enabled kernel
  • "no iRiver iFP found" - usb is available, but iFP doesn't seem to be connected; make sure "usb connected" is displayed on the unit; cable reconnecting may sometimes help; try some utility to check your usb topology (
  • "unable to open iFP device" - device is used by another process or you have no rights to write to usb devices, try to do that under root's privileges
  • TOO MANY OPENFILES: if you get this error, something went wrong in the last read or write operation. Just delete /tmp/iriver_tmp_file.mp3. Check dmesg output to see if your usb device still responds/works properly